An exciting educational workshop,held twice a year…


Kids For Christ, aims to enhance spiritual well-being...

Meet your Mentor

Allows the participants to experience their chosen careers...

Tuitions( Re-solve)

Matric tuition programme aimed to boost their confidence...


A platform to form study groups on certain subjects..

Step Up

These leaders assist in guiding the direction of Crossroads...

Creative Splash

An opportunity to enhance and discover creative talents...


On fridays we have games and we play with the teens...

Boys Club

Programme where the boys get an opportunity to tackle male problems..

Girls Club

Here the members can learn how to be a woman of worth..

Study Smart

A workshop aimed at assisting teenagers to improve their studies..

Decide Right

A workshop that helps our teens in making good choices in life..

Out There

A career workshop that aims to prepare the learners for the job world..

The Good Samaritan

Outreach Project where our members get the opportunity to serve..

Life Survivor

Third term workshop to equip matric members with the life skills...


View or download our booklet (pdf) with details on what we offer..