Providing focused recreational, social and educational programs, projects and activities to the Youth in a safe and stable environment.

The HEART of Crossroads
Big things have happened at Crossroads during 2015. As we celebrated Easter with our teens, we realized the need for Crossroads staff to connect with the teens & get to the things of their hearts. With funding being limited, Crossroads has been trying to do the programs by reaching out to volunteers & using the little funding available for the most important needs that cannot do without it. The process of connecting with our teens has been extraordinary for Crossroads the last few months as we have seen teens grow enormously when it comes to their faith in Christ. We have had teens who have never been in church before & now even attend the youth during the week. We have teens who debated about what to believe in and with the guidance the staff has been giving, our teens have a better understand of God's Word. We have teens who struggle with issues at home & just by sharing, have experienced the care and comfort others have to offer. We have seen their skills, we have heard their voices, we have experienced their rhythm & we have seen love grow.

Their Career
We thank the volunteers from our community who came out to our centre to do career workshops with Grade 10 - 12. Our teens have learned much about budgeting, what subjects to take, the importance of good marks in school, & how to work your way to success!

Becoming Smarter
From May 2015, Crossroads hired professional tutors to assist our teens with educational help before their midterm exams. With over 13 tutor sessions done, we are glad to report that based on a survey done, not one of our teens have failed. We will continue to reach out to find teens who struggle in this area and we have been walking a journey in assisting with subjects like Math, Physics & Life Sciences & our teens have been very happy about the support given to them. This would not have been possible if not for the donations given to Crossroads therefore to all our sponsors, a warm thank you! 

The Leader in You
We would like to thank the AGS Church in Richards Bay who invested in our Steering Committee in May. We attended a Leadership Skills Talk with our committee & are excited to have had the opportunity to share good insight on how to approach your peers & connect in exciting ways. 

We have 86 registered members at Crossroads to date. 22 teens are juniors in High School, 44 in Gr. 10 & 11, & 18 in Metric. Old Mill High is still our major contributing school with 46 of our members from this school, 17 teens are from Empangeni High, & 16 Dover Combined School. We also have teens from Richem High School, Balondo High School, Bay Secondary High School, Khombi Finishing School & Braunwaves High School.
We have teens coming from all over the area and the name of Crossroads is spreading!

Crossroads Registration Forms can be found on the website or at the centre.

Our Community
Crossroads has been involved in some projects happening in our community during June & July. Some of our teens have attended the AWOL Teen Camp, Some of our teens have helped Empangeni Baptist Church with their Holiday Club, & Some of our teens have attended workshop events at churches based in Empangeni. With all the projects happening, our teens have had a school holiday filled with exciting events instead of just chillin' on the sofa. With happy faces & serving hearts, our teens have started school again feeling important & blessed. Thank you to all that were involved! 

Final Word
Throughout the year 2015, Zululand Observer has been doing amazing publishing’s for the centre in order to help spread the word & reach out to the community for support. We would like to thank the Observer for their free publishing & support toward our teens.

With exciting months behind us, Crossroads is hoping for further growth in the months to come. We want to invest in further educational needs, social needs, & spiritual needs. Our Centre requires a lot of needs to be met and we know prayerfully that God will provide. We would again like to thank our sponsors & reach out to those who don't yet support Crossroads, to please consider it. With over 80 teens in need we desperately need you!

God Bless
Dezi Laatz
Centre Manager